Our affiliations

In order to bring the services that we offer into line with recognised quality standards, we have chosen to become affiliated with EXPERTsuisse, the central body for our profession in Switzerland.

The requirements of this organisation in terms of qualification for membership, on-going training and management are appropriate for guaranteeing the competence and the quality of service of its members and respect for professional conduct for our industry.

As financial intermediaries, in the spirit of the Swiss Money Laundering Act (MLA) we are also affiliated with OAR-Fiduciaire Suisse, which is recognised by the FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority).

The rules imposed by the latter rigorously set the limits within which we can act. Our respect for the legal and regulatory provisions is accounted for by formal annual audits.

Beyond the legal and self-regulatory responsibilities, these affiliations also serve the purpose of guaranteeing, to everyone for and with whom we work, our respect for professional rules and guidelines.