Company directorships involve numerous obligations, of which some are inalienable, fixed by law. Some entrepreneurs do not wish to assume such obligations alone. Therefore they employ directors to work along side them who are more accustomed to the obligations associated with such a position. Others go further still by delegating this job altogether.

These mandates require enormous mutual trust between the principle (owner of the company) and his or her representative. On the one hand, the director has, by law, extensive powers over the business of the company he or she manages and often binds by their signature. It is important that his or her principle should be convinced that he or she is acting in accordance with his or her wishes. On the other hand, the director takes on very important personal responsibilities on behalf of his or her client. He or she must therefore also completely trust his or her client.

We accept directorships on behalf of our clients. The rules of our profession authorise us to do so. We are happy to analyse any proposal thereon. However, we only accept mandates where we can control the situation and our insurance company agrees to cover us.