Whether it be in the framework of acquisition, takeover or transfer operations, or simply out of curiosity, entrepreneurs often want (must) know what their business or part of the business is worth.

Professional literature is full of methods for determining the value of an economic entity. Specific rules for certain transactions may create many more. From the moment a valuation method corresponds to the needs of the parties and is approved by them, it becomes acceptable.

Even if certain methods are widely used and recognised, there is no “off the peg” method on the subject. Only the “tailor-made” method makes it possible to respond as accurately as possible to the client’s needs.

And keep in mind that a value, however accurately calculated, is only an estimate and one that is often a long way off the price that the parties will finally accept as part of their final agreement.

We master the techniques peculiar to business evaluations and are happy to make them available to you so that we can determine what value to give to your business together.