Many future entrepreneurs have ideas. To make these initial ideas a reality you have to organise and analyse the constraints and consequences at every level.

Contrary to what one often hears, a Business Plan is not only a financial projection, it allows you to formulate, study and present a business idea. It serves as much as to organise one’s own thoughts as to present them to third parties potentially associated with the project and/or financing it.

It is often difficult to express clearly ideas that we are enthusiastic about. The support of an outsider who is emotionally neutral makes it possible to channel the flow of ideas and to express them in a comprehensible way to those they need to convince. 

Our role is not to draft business plans for our clients. These must clearly come from them and this must be felt. Our task is instead to guide our clients and support them so as to try to identify and study all the potential consequences of their business plans, then put them to paper in a language that is as clear and accessible as possible.