The transfer of a company be it to a close associate, employee or third party, is like a jump in a parachute; the better you prepare for it, the more chances you will have of landing on your feet. A folding error doesn’t often forgive.

In these types of operations the problem rarely stems from the technique; it is the business of professionals. It comes from the multitude of problems to manage simultaneously and knowing that these come on top of everyday concerns – the activity of the company to be transferred obviously not stopping.

More than any other management operation, the transfer of a company is above all a team affair. The more the parties concerned communicate openly and act in concert, the more likely the operation is to succeed.

Experience has shown countless times that the support of neutral professionals who are not emotionally implicated in the transaction is very useful.

These mandates are, in most cases, fascinating for a consulting company like ours, even if, as is often the case, a considerable level of commitment is required. Our commitment to engaging with our clients is best expressed precisely in this kind of operation. Therefore we always gladly accept the challenge.